TopLife Bedtime Milk for Dogs (12x330ml)
TopLife Bedtime Milk for Dogs (12x330ml)

TopLife Bedtime Milk for Dogs (12x330ml)

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Goats’ milk with chamomile & honey.

TopLife Bedtime Milk for Dogs is a delicious treat - either straight from the carton, or gently warmed. 

The added chamomile and honey is aimed at soothing dogs over 12 months old. Toplife Bedtime Milk can become part of your dog’s routine to aid a good night's sleep, or during stressful situations to help calm your dog.

Dogs love milk but can sometimes have problems digesting cows' milk. Goats' milk is different. The fat globules found in goats' milk are typically smaller than those found in other milks, making them easier to 'break down' and digest in the gut.

As with all TopLife products, Bedtime Milk for Dogs contains no artificial ingredients, colours, flavours or preservatives.

If your dog loves Bedtime Milk, then be sure to try our TopLife Milk for Dogs too!

Customer Reviews

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Charlie Mclenahan
100% brilliant

Really works a treat, they have suppertime oats made with this milk and within half and hour both are in bed asleep

Great delivery and service, but bbe date is rather short

The order and delivery of product was superb but unfortunately the best before date is rather short considering I’ve bought two crates of product and only have less than 3 months to use it all up. Would be nice to have atleast 6 months to use it, other than that it’s all good

Natalee Scott
TopLife Bedtime Milk

Love this product, difficult to find, and hoping you don't stop doing this, as my dogs love it!!

Chloe Hammond
It’s Pawsitively Delicious

I love bedtime milk. I have it as a special treat like when I pass my assistance dog tests or if it’s a special occasion or if I’ve achieved something brilliant. It’s the best and I know the packet! And I love that the bedtime cartons are a bit bigger too (although I’m pretty sure my human still adds some warm water to make it last longer)! She thinks I drink it too fast. I think she should give me more. When I had a bad tummy my human also made me porridge with it. That was super tasty and I kept it down. Thank you top life.